About Our Soaps

HÅND is an unusual line of natural and organic soap made by hand in small batches by Stine Tholstrup Schmidt. Each soap is meticulously formulated by choosing every ingredient with purpose and mindfulness of its benefits to your skin and impact on the environment. Each product is made and packaged with care and attention in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

stine tholstrup schmidt organic handmade soap copenhagen

It all started when...

Stine was living in Berlin and conducting ethnographic studies about Berlin's sustainable communities when she was introduced to cold process soap making. She immediately became excited about creating skincare products from natural ingredients. Growing up as the daughter of a carpenter and the granddaughter of a seamstress, Stine has always had a keen interest in different forms of handicrafts, and had the ambition of working with her hands to create something tangible.  

Upon returning to Denmark in 2014, Stine was unable to find any high quality soaps that were free from chemicals yet still provided the nourishment needed by your skin, especially during the cold wintertime in Scandinavia. So she began making her own soap, initially just for herself and friends and family.

But as she deeply enjoys the process of making soaps and experimenting with different combinations of oils and herbs, Stine decided to create HÅND as a brand for her own handmade products.




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